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Council Meeting 28 July 2009

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There’s quite a large agenda for the July meeting of the Council. The five reports which I think are most interesting this month are; Landcare proposals for the coming year The proposals include: a. Newstead Pond Bushcare – Control of Noxious and Environmental Weeds; b. Long Beach Landcare – Karana Close, Weed Eradication and Revegetation; […]

Council gets a wake up call.

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If the Council heeds the wake up call, and Mayor Thompson is right that we do have new management in the Council, we could find that we have a vibrant future ahead of us. There may be some fireworks, but they are colourful and give illumination; there may be disagreement, but that means that we hear and can evaluate different points of view. We will also see innovation, a willingness to find common solutions. I hope the Council is under new management and that we will see the mayor and senior council staff looking to improve their communications with the people that they serve.