Local Government Manifesto

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The Local Government elections are due in September 2020, and it’s time to start to think about what we want from the Councillors we elect to make decisions on our behalf.

But why? Aren’t local councils irrelevant relics of a past which have been overtaken by the State and Federal governments? Well, no. Local Government is closest to our community, and its decisions can have a very direct impact on us. For instance the Council wants to change the way planning and development decisions are made, which could have a very real impact on local businesses such as Oyster farming and will change our local environment as it allows more development.

The Councillors we elect have a direct effect on these decisions. If we have Councillors who have a strong connection to their community, and have a robust and well informed view of these issues, it is likely community concerns will be taken into account. If this is to happen we need to take a strong interest in who is seeking election and ensure that we do have well informed community based Councillors elected in 2020.

We need Councillors who:

  • work with local people and other governments to  build a sustainable local economy based on emerging technology we can proudly hand down to our children and grandchildren – that includes nurturing small businesses and local industry which enhances our living environment.
  • Honour the land we live on that has been cared for so well by first peoples for tens of thousands of years.
  • Represent the people rather than be a handmaiden to business. They will advocate for the Shire when powerful interests such as Federal & State Governments and big business work against us
  • Make sure we keep our Shire as an attractive tourist destination- clean beaches; lots of forest and wilderness; thriving small businesses.
  • Serve the voiceless & powerless by providing services and facilities that respect them and increase their ability to act on their own behalf.

I hope some of our fellow citizens are prepared to put themselves forward to serve us in this way after the 2020 local Government elections.

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