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Welcome to the new look Peoples Council!  I’ve been playing around for a while, trying to find a way to have the voting and commenting advantages offered by my original Peoples’ Council format, as well as having an attractive “newsletter” feel about the site, and I think this achieves that goal.

With this new format you can:

  • Make comments without needing to register. You will still need to give a name and an email address so that I don’t drown in spam, but only I and the computer sees your email address, and you can choose whatever name you like while you are on the site – I use a “nom de plume” most of the time myself…

However, if you want to vote  or make comments on individual reports you will still need to log in to the site. That makes it easier to keep things honest with the voting.

You can also make your own contributions to the Peoples’ Council, but you will also need to register before you can write your own stories.

  • Read and write stories directly rather than read a summary first This format looks much more like a newsletter and I think that makes it more attractive and easy to read. You will still be able to read individual reports as a PDF file, by clicking on the link to the story, and you will also be able to go to the summary and voting pages by clicking on links
  • Use graphics and video easily The header for this welcome was very easy to insert, and it isn’t that difficult to insert a video clip in a story as well, so feel free to send in your thoughts as a video rather than as text.  I can also add in clips from youtube or other similar sites if  you find  something relevant to the Shire.

You might also have noticed the header for the site. These are all (well almost all) pics I’ve taken of landscapes in our beautiful shire. Every time you refresh the site such as when you go from one page to another, a different graphic will appear.

If you have a special landscape or other photo you would like to include in the top header, send it in to me.  Graphics will either need to be your own (and by sending them to me you are giving me permission to use them on my site), common domain, or you have permission from the person who took the photograph to distribute it and for me to use it – Sorry just a bit of making sure I don’t break copyright there…

Graphics can also mean maps and other graphical material, which will be useful in discussing things like the draft LEP.

Make links to sites relevant to the Shire I’ve already added in a link to the Council, and also to the Tuross times, which is an interesting weekly website, detailing all the activities that are happening in Tuross.

If you have a site that you would like to link to the Peoples Council let me know the address and I’ll add it to the links on this site.

There is also limited space for advertising.  If you are interested in this, contact me on david@thepeoplescouncil.com

I’ll make space available for free on the sidebars for community events and activities, such as the slow food festival. If you are interested in this please contact me.

Looking forward to feedback and suggestions on the new look site. If you feel inspired to write a story for the site, please feel free.  If you would like some help contact me at david@thepeoplescouncil.com

David Grace

Phone: 0428 725030

Email: david@thepeoplescouncil.com

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